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Sainer and ETAM crew

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Departure of the Witches by Luis Ricardo Falero (1878) from Beauty by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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Bride of Frankenstein Post-it Note done with ball point pen

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Alien Post-it Note with ball point pen

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Hidenori Ishii’s work is abstract yet tinged with a sense of impending environmental catastrophe. Take a look at some of his work on our blog

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"Anger Leads to Hate"

A Yoda drawing I did on a Post-it Note with a black ball point pen. I’m quite proud of this one actually.

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So I’m happy that this adds some contrast and I’m also happy with the color. I’m not happy about how sloppy the wash is.  I should have saturated the paper more before overlaying the tone. Why are my washes so lazy! OR maybe a better question is why are watercolor stains so fickle. The slightest differentiation in moisture and the wash lays inconsistently. 

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To create the cover of Aimee Bender’s THE COLOR MASTER, artist Dominique Falla used string and nails to create “tactile typography.”

Learn more about THE COLOR MASTER, a short story collection, here.

Swoon Me

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Emil Fiore - A collection of whole, natural spiderwebs, preserved with an aluminum-based spray and mounted under glass

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here are all of my SVA junior thesis paintings. The theme this year was Kings and Queens, and I choose Marie Antoinette. They are all 30 x 40 in. and done in acrylic gouache and glitter.

Lovely work!